Facility Overview

We purchase natural gas from third parties and process the natural gas into synthesis gas, which we then further process in the production of methanol and ammonia. We store and sell the processed methanol and ammonia to industrial and commercial customers for further processing or distribution.

Our integrated methanol and ammonia production facility is located on a 62-acre site south of Beaumont, Texas on the Neches River. We acquired our facility (which had been idled by the previous owners since 2004) in May 2011, commenced an upgrade that was completed in July 2012 and began operating our facility at full capacity in the fourth quarter of 2012. In April 2015, we completed a debottlenecking project on our production facility that increased our annual methanol production design capacity by 25% to approximately 912,500 metric tons and our annual ammonia production design capacity by 25% to approximately 355,875 metric tons. Both our methanol and ammonia production lines operate using state-of-the-art technology that results in highly efficient operating rates, maximizing feedstock inputs and minimizing waste.

Our methanol line is a 912,500 metric-ton-per-year unit that is comprised of Foster Wheeler-designed twin steam methane reformers for syngas production. It also includes two Lurgi-designed parallel low pressure water-cooled reactors and four distillation columns. Our methanol plant contains two storage tanks with a combined storage capacity of 42,000 metric tons, a crude methanol surge tank, refined receiver plant, storage tank scrubber, and crude tank scrubber.

Our ammonia line is a 355,875 metric-ton-per-year unit. The Haldor TopsØe-designed ammonia synthesis loop at our facility allows us to process hydrogen produced by our methanol production process as the feedstock to produce ammonia. We can also purchase hydrogen from third parties to supplement our production of ammonia. Our ammonia line contains two refrigerated ammonia storage tanks with a combined storage capacity of 33,000 metric tons.

Our facility is located on the Texas Gulf Coast, which provides us access and connectivity to our existing and prospective customers and to natural gas feedstock supplies. Our facility is connected to established infrastructure and transportation facilities, including pipeline connections to adjacent customers, port access with dedicated methanol and ammonia export barge docks and state-of-the-art methanol and ammonia truck loading facilities, which have improved delivery options for our customers. We own a 15-acre tract of land adjacent to our facility that provides us access to an ammonia pipeline and the flexibility to install a methanol and ammonia railcar loading facility. In addition, we also own a 19-acre tract of land adjacent to our facility that may serve as the future location of our administrative offices.

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