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OCI Beaumont is committed to producing high quality products and is the partner of choice for North America's leading ammonia and methanol consumers.


Methanol — A liquid petrochemical that is predominantly produced from natural gas and is utilized in a variety of industrial and energy-related applications.

Ammonia — When produced in anhydrous form (containing no water) from the reaction of nitrogen and hydrogen, ammonia constitutes the base feedstock for nearly all of the world's nitrogen chemical production.


Our advantageous access and connectivity to our existing and prospective customers and feedstock suppliers allows OCI Beaumont to provide excellent logistical services.

Location — Strategically located on the Texas Gulf Coast, our facility is connected to established infrastructure and transportation facilities. This includes pipeline connections to adjacent customers, port access with dedicated methanol and ammonia import and export jetties, and rail and trucking options. Access to these key facilities provides flexibility in delivery that is tailored to meet our customers' needs.

Facility — We are committed to operating efficiently and reliably. We completed a 13-month modernization of our methanol and ammonia production lines in 2012 to ensure consistent and timely delivery of our products to our customers.

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